About In the Loop

It all started with a Christmas gift and a skater who fell in love with her Kiss & Cry Angels rink tote the very first time she used it. She loved the look and feel of the tote, but most of all she loved how it kept all of her gear she carries to the rink ~ water bottle, tissues, music, gloves, guards and phone ~ in one place.Kiss and Cry Angels weren't readily available in Canada, the only option for ordering one was through a US store. Ordering from the US isn't difficult, but it does come with uncertainty about exchange rates, duty, and shipping times. 

In the Loop was born out of a belief in an excellent product and a belief that Canadian customers would prefer to order from a Canadian store when given an option.When you order from In the Loop, you know exactly what you are getting and exactly how much you will pay.  No worries about duty or exchange rates and shorter shipping times.

We are a family run store and parents to two girls who have fallen in love with the beautiful sport of figure skating. We had no idea getting into the world of skating how much gear a skater needs. It seems simple, skates, a dress, some tights, but pretty soon we realized that there was a lot of gear going rink side every day.  The rink tote is a simple solution to not having enough hands to carry everything and it has helped with leaving stuff behind by accident since everything is in one place.


We're a little store, but we have plans to grow! Check back regularly to see what gear we have in store. We look forward to doing business with you now, and in the future.